Good design belongs to everyone. Design enables life to be vibrant and resonate. Be creative. Be original.

Poon Design Inc., a LEED-accredited, multi-disciplinary practice, offers services in architecture and interiors, planning and programming, furniture design and music, and other creative endeavors. Our award-winning design skills serve national and international clients, having completed over 300 projects: residential, commercial, religious, and educational. The work of Poon Design, a portfolio of over two decades, has received over 50 national honors, chronicled in hundreds of articles, such as Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Architectural Record, Architecture, and Interior Design.

Founder Anthony Poon—architect, author, musician, and artist—leads Poon Design in a blend of discipline and improvisation to create transformative architecture and reimagine social engagement. Through a process that combines rigor, artistry, and optimism, we elevate the quality of life, affirming that architecture can be a noble act.

More than aesthetics, our designs communicate ideas, expressing everything from the diversity of our cultures to the communities we live in, to the specific needs for each client. We call this content, and design is story telling. Whether a church, school, restaurant, or home, each client has ambitions for their existence, and these dreams and successes are the basis for our design process.

Licensed in California, Montana, and Virginia, we have worked on over 50 educational projects ranging from Pre K-12 to universities, including the University of California and Los Angeles Unified School District. Poon Design’s commercial projects have been with some of country’s most prominent developers: Thomas, Caruso, and Irvine Company. Alongside our non-profit clients and award-winning religious projects, Poon Design has also been recognized with the 2009 and 2011 International Design Award for Best Restaurant Design from the American Institute of Architects.

On one hand, we have also completed the finest residential estates around the world, from Beverly Hills to Saudi Arabia. On the other, Poon Design has been recognized for the re-envisioning of America’s affordable, mass production, housing industry, honored with the 2018 AIA National Design Award for Best in Housing.

We at Poon Design Inc. believe great design is the architecture of place making and the creation of identity, a journey towards social progress and cultural evolution.