Design enables life to be vibrant. Design enables life to resonate. Be creative. Be original. Be remembered.

Founded in 1991, Poon Design Inc., a LEED-accredited, multi-disciplinary practice, offers services in architecture and interiors, planning and programming, furniture design, music, and many other creative endeavors. Our award-winning design skills serve national and international clients, having completed and built over 300 projects: residential, commercial, religious, educational, and cultural. The work of Poon Design has received over 50 national honors, and been chronicled in hundreds of articles, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Los Angeles Magazine, Architectural Record, Architecture, and Interior Design.

Our designs communicate more than aesthetics. Our designs communicate ideas. Our designs express everything from our culture and the community we live in to the specific needs and solutions for each client. We call this content.

Design can be story telling.  Whether the design of a church, school, shopping center, or residence; each and every client has ambitions for their existence and the character of their institution. Clients possess memories of past successes and lessons learned, as well as a vision for growth and evolution.  These ideas, dreams and stories are the basis for our design process.

Vision, creativity, imagination, artistry, and inspiration — these forces drive the design process at Poon Design.  But note that design also balances vision with reality. We integrate creativity with the pragmatics of a project:  environmental stewardship, permits and approvals, function, budget, schedule, maintenance, and constructability.

We have worked on over 50 educational projects ranging from Pre K-12 to community colleges and universities. Highlights include projects for Bel Air Presbyterian Church, University of California, Cal State, and Los Angeles Unified School District. Poon Design’s commercial projects have been for some of country’s most prominent developers: Maguire, Thomas, Caruso, and Irvine Company. Alongside our non-profit clients and half a dozen projects for an international Buddhist foundation, we have completed the finest residential estates around the world, from Monte Carlo to Austria, from New York to Pennsylvania.

From The American Institute of Architects, Poon Design has been awarded the 2009 and 2011 International Design Award for Best Restaurant Design, as well as the 2018 National Design Award for Best in Housing. Poon Design is also recognized for the revolutionary re-envisioning of America’s tract housing industry, honored by two dozen national design awards from the AIA, NAHB and BIA.

We at Poon Design Inc. believe great design is the architecture of place making and the creation of identity.  The key word is essence. What is the essence of your project?